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The Keeper - What's Holding Your Rack?

This started out, as a personal irritation with all my euro heads lying around everywhere and turned into an obsession to find the most aesthetically pleasing way of showcasing a European mount.

With 25 years in the design build business I went to work on the first prototype. It wasn’t long and I was looking at Trophy Artistry at its best.

Now that I had this awesome product, it needed a name that would be as epic, and that turned out to be the toughest part. After about a week of constant noting of everything that came to mind I landed a combination that was not only appealing to look at, it also rolled off the Tongue. I’m pleased to present the BONEFEVER Keeper.

The Keeper - What's Holding Your Rack?
The KEEPER Holding a Rack!

What’s Holding Your Rack?

Keeper with Rack
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